4 Reasons Why You Should Sponsor The INTERNATIONAL HOTEL INVESTMENT & DESIGN CONFERENCE on 7th November 2019 at Hotel Andaz Vienna am Belvedere

If you were in attendance in the last years, then you definitely know that taking part in the International Hotel Investment and Design Conference (IHIDC) meets networking aspirations. At last year’s conference, over 300 eager professionals and panelists showed up to observe and participate in the various, informative events of the day. These events included Networking Xpress Circles, keynotes and panels focused on developments & trends and on the impact of design, architecture and branding on the value of hotel real estate. Consequently, being a sponsor puts your business in the ultimate spotlight.


Let’s take a look at the four most important reasons why your company should consider sponsoring the IHIDC.


  1. Brand Visibility


Having a presence at the conference positions you and your business as an authority in the hotel and real estate industry, this boosts your credibility. Your brand will be seen prior to and throughout the event resulting in eager attendees wanting to learn more about your business.


  1. Connect with partners, clients and engage with the audience


Not only are the attendees of the event potential new clients and customers, so are your partners! You can form new business partnerships, meet like-minded business professionals with which you have similar goals. Regardless of your networking objectives, your level of success will be tied directly to your ability to interact with these professionals. This will give you a great chance to (re-) connect and get feedback on how your service or product is performing. You can also use the event as an opportunity to educate about any upcoming upgrades or releases.


  1. Community Goodwill

Strengthening your business image is one of the most valuable benefits of the sponsorship. In general, people love brands that care about well-outlined brand strategies. Hence, they have more incentive to connect with you, if you have been investing in the adequate community. Find out what matters to your potential customers, and pick causes that align with their values to boost loyalty.


  1. Deliver a great ROI

Whether you plan to sell or not, events are about starting quality relationships. As a B2B event, the IHIDC has a very specific target market. The benefits of the sponsorship are endless if you put in the effort to forge connections. Take advantage of every resource we offer to connect with businesses, especially as a new participant. The goal is to leave with a list of leads to follow up on afterward.


Final thoughts

A well-planned presence at the event can generate quality leads, deliver great ROI, increase your brand reach and exposure, put you in front of your important business partners and best of all, build your brand’s authority. Want to know more? Do not hesitate to get in contact with us and download the full sponsorship package for further information.

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